Preview: My Star Wars One Shot

Hello Fellow Gamers,

Some of you may have noticed that the amount of content I’ve produced has decreased significantly over the last week or so. Unfortunately this may be a new trend, so anticipate about one post a week from me for the time being.

As some of you may know, I am a member of the Tabletop RPG One Shot Group on Facebook. They are a closed group (who will accept anyone who applies) where gamers of all experience levels get together to host and play in one-shot adventures from a variety of RPG systems. That is where I set up the Star Wars game I ran earlier this month. (Side note: we will finish that game on September 16th. You can watch that LIVE HERE.)

Well, when looking forward to “what’s next”, I decided I wanted to write my own one-shot adventure for the setting. I wanted to take a little time and talk about what I’m writing and planning, just so you know I’m not totally slacking off when it comes to tabletop gaming.

The basic premise is this: an adventuring band of archaeologists and explorers has been hired to go in search of a Jedi Holocron. I wanted to place the Jedi and setting in locations that are familiar to the true Star Wars nerds, yet interesting and obscure enough that your casual Star Wars enthusiast would still be surprised. Without giving away too many details, I chose a Jedi from the Clone Wars and a planet found in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy (pentology? Wait, he wrote a prequel… hexology?). I have to say, I’m struggling in combining the setting and events of Legends with my own content, trying to not step on too many toes while also being free to create. You all will have to tell me how I did once the actual play video goes live.

Last week I recorded a video showing how to create a character within the Star Wars Edge of the Empire system where I talked briefly about the story as well (below). That character is one of the PCs that will be available for the one-shot. I created two other characters right after that video, but I still have at least two more character sheets to make before the party will be ready.

I think I’ll stop talking about it for now (since I haven’t really written a lot for it yet), but keep an eye out for future updates on setting, PCs (with character sheets), NPCs, and how you can watch (or play in) the session live.


Kyle Blomgren is the founder of Flat Top Gaming. He loves tabletop gaming, watching others play tabletop games, singing, and spending time with his wife and daughter.



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