What are my 2016 Plans?

Happy New Year, my Fellow Gamers!

Yes yes yes, I know it’s almost February. I’m SORRY! But if you’re anything like me, you are sitting here, looking at the date on your calendar thinking “how is this year already 1/12th gone?!” Better start making your Christmas wishlist, because that will be here before we all know it!

So what are my plans for 2016? Well, I’ve been growing my YouTube presence quite strong over the last few months while neglecting this blog. That is definitely not my goal, I promise! I guess I just pulled myself into a few different projects all at once and became addicted to hearing and watching myself talk instead of simply watching myself type. I want to keep growing my audience in both venues as I feel a special bond with each group of fans and subscribers. The challenge will be to leverage my time between those forms of media and, well, my family, jobs (that actually pay me), school, etc.

My goal is to release one post a month here and one video each month on my YouTube Channel. I think that, for now, the blog will focus more on general tabletop gaming while the channel will focus more on RPGs, but that is definitely subject to change at any time. One thing I DO want to do on both platforms is increase my community involvement. I want to hear from you, talk with you about games and reviews in the comments, hear your gaming stories, and so on! Putting my voice and opinion on the internet for all to see is fun, but not nearly as enjoyable as getting to have a conversation with you about our mutual hobby. If you have suggestions on how to do that, please let me know below! (See what I did there?)

One thing I will stop doing is Play Reports. Most of my content gets a decent number of hits, especially from casual readers looking into the many games I review. That said, almost nobody has read the play reports. They’re long, boring, and not nearly as exciting as watching the game or *gasp* playing in one yourself. They’re even boring for me to write. Therefore, unless a large number of you has a burning desire to continue reading my party’s mis-adventures in Faerun, there will be no Part 3 to the Hoard of the Dragon Queen play through.

This year, my plate is quite full, so I don’t expect to produce a lot of unique content. However, I want to be consistent, even if that consistency is few and far between. Please let me know what you want to read, watch, hear, or see from either of my media platforms. Honestly, this experience is not as much fun as it is when you are involved.

Kyle Blomgren is the founder of Flat Top Gaming. He loves tabletop gaming, watching others play tabletop games, singing, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

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