Welcome to Flat Top Gaming! I hope that you find this site useful and entertaining to you as a player, DM/GM, and enthusiast of tabletop games of all varieties. Why am I here? Well, to be blunt, I have a lot on my mind in the realm of tabletop gaming, and was looking for an outlet in which to discuss them. My hope is that you will join me in the conversation and one day help create content and information about our beloved hobby.

What kind of content can you expect out of me? Reviews, previews, thoughts, experiences, musings, and maybe even some stories from a variety of tabletop games, including RPGs, Indy games, Eurogames, and the like. I have not gotten into tabletop combat games like Warhammer 50k, so if you are interested in those systems and want to guest blog, let me know! I also hope to use this site to pass along any fun and pertinent news and information on tabletop gaming. What that will be specifically might be guided by you all and what you are interested in.

So come along, and join me in the conversation about tabletop board games!


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